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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
The Visiting officials for the Mid-Year
The Mens OV will be Fritz Griswold. The Ladies OV will be Betty Krisza more later.
Franz R. "Fritz" Griswold serves as a member of the Supreme Council—the
corporate Board of Directors of Moose International. He was elected to this position in
July 2007 at the 119th International Convention in Orlando, after having served on the
Mooseheart Board of Directors from 2004-2007. He had also served on the Moose
Charities Board and its predecessor group, the Endowment Fund Board, from 1991-2004.
Fritz joined the Moose in 1978 as a member of Dansville, NY Lodge 1130. He
has held many of the chairs and has served as Lodge Administrator. He has also been
very active at the Association level, serving as Deputy Supreme Governor and
Mooseheart-Moosehaven Admissions Representative.
A member of the 350 Division of the Moose 25 Club, Fritz received the
Fellowship Degree of Honor in 1983 and the Pilgrim Degree of Merit in 1991.
Away from his fraternal duties, Fritz enjoys golfing. He is a former Council
President of the Boy Scouts of America. Fritz and his wife, Beth, reside in Dansville.
They have three children and eight grandchildren.
Betty Krisza currently serves as the Grand Regent for the Women of the Moose.
She was appointed and installed to this esteemed position at the 101st International
Conference of the Women of the Moose in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in May 2013. Betty
previously served as a Grand Council Member from 2003 to 2005.
Betty joined the Women of the Moose Chatham, Ontario Chapter 304 in May
1972. She has served her Chapter in many capacities, as well as fulfilled appointments
by International Headquarters. At the province level, Betty served Ontario as Deputy
Grand Regent in 1990-1991.
A member of the Moose 25 Club, Betty achieved her Academy of Friendship
Degree in April 1976, College of Regents in June 1981, and Star Recorder Degree in
June 1982.
Betty and her husband Bob reside in Chatham, Ontario. They have eight
children, seventeen grandchildren and five great grandchildren.
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Secretary's Message
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So far this year the Tennessee Moose Association, as a whole, is doing fairly well. We have a ways to go to become the Top Association. We need to work on Membership and Retention. We also need to increase the number of members in the Moose Legion. Please remember, "A burden heavy to one is borne lightly by many." If we all work at our goals, we will succeed.
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