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Thursday, December 7, 2017
Cherie Mondrella letter
The outpouring of love and benevolence our Moose members shower upon our Mooseheart children never ceases to amaze me. Each year passionate and loyal members from the Tennessee & Kentucky Moose Associations drive up to Mooseheart, IL to treat the children to a pizza party on Friday night, and a Christmas shopping spree on Saturday morning. As a new member of the Murfreesboro Chapter, I got to join in on the Tennessee shopping trip at Target this weekend. They gave each child $200 cash to spend on whatever their little hearts desired! ?It was awesome to see, words could never describe. The boys were in disbelief basically. Most couldn't even decide where to begin, very hesitant at first, not realizing just how much $200 really is to spend.... Several kept coming back to their cart saying "I probably can't get this toy, right?" When I told one boy, Jaime, "You actually CAN get that cool remote control truck ($90), AND you still have $110 to spend on more toys," his face lit up with surprise and excitement and he said, "Oh, thank you so much!" I was just there to help supervise the kids, but I walked away with such a blessing! I watched Daniel Humphreys and his wife Jennifer, and Tennessee's President Larry Owens and his wife, Linda, pay for each boy's purchase at checkout - it was quite a scene, and people in the store really noticed! I am most definitely Moose Proud!!!! This reminds me why I became a Moose member to begin with, because of these very Moose members from Tennessee who showed me what we're all about - way back when I was a Family Teach in the Tennessee home at Mooseheart. I owe them immensely for how much they have enriched my life! Make sure you look at all the photos.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Secretary's Message
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So far this year the Tennessee Moose Association, as a whole, is doing fairly well. We have a ways to go to become the Top Association. We need to work on Membership and Retention. We also need to increase the number of members in the Moose Legion. Please remember, "A burden heavy to one is borne lightly by many." If we all work at our goals, we will succeed.
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